our slip and fall lawyer can help after a fall in NashvilleWhether you are a customer in a retail store, a guest in someone’s home, or a visitor on a public property, it can be difficult to know what to do when you get hurt. You may be hesitant to “point fingers,” or you may just feel like others will just accuse you of being “clumsy.” While some slips and falls are really just accidents, there are many times when a property owner has acted recklessly or ignored potentially dangerous conditions. And, in these cases, victims do have rights that can help them recover from being hurt on an unsafe property, and they shouldn’t be afraid to pursue the financial compensation they deserve under the law.

If you’ve been hurt after a slip, trip, fall, or other injury on a Tennessee property, don’t wait any longer to learn about your rights. The law can be difficult to understand, and there’s a lot that goes into a successful outcome for victims. Our highly experienced premises liability lawyers are based in Franklin and serve people throughout Nashville and those visiting Tennessee who have been hurt in preventable accidents on other people’s properties. For immediate help with your questions, or to start taking action now, you can contact us at 615-807-7900 .

When Can Tennessee Victims Sue Property Owners for Their Injuries?

Not just any slip, trip, or fall is necessarily the fault of the property owner. The person responsible for the property is only liable for an injury if he or she knew or should have known about the unsafe condition on the property.

This may sound a little confusing, and the truth is that it really can be. Although some accidents may seem very similar on the surface, there are many important factors that affect a victim’s rights that may not always be obvious. To help you understand when a premises liability lawsuit might be appropriate, here are some examples:

  • Grocery store employees know that the ceiling over the produce department leaks every time it rains, but it has never been repaired. A shopper slips and falls in the resulting puddled water and breaks her wrist.
  • An employee stocking shelves at a retail store accidentally slices open a bottle of motor oil, which leaks onto the floor. The spill isn’t cleaned up adequately, and a shopper twists his back because of the slippery footing.
  • A deck collapses during a party at a private residence. Multiple people are seriously hurt in the accident.
  • There is a loose carpet in a poorly lit motel stairway. A guest trips over the rug and sustains multiple injuries in the fall.

In each of these examples, an employee or property owner acting reasonably would know about the unsafe condition and take action to repair it and warn people of the potential danger. So, if you slip and fall because you disregarded a warning sign or simply forgot to tie your shoe, then the property owner probably doesn’t have to take any responsibility for your injuries. However, if you fall because of a preventable condition that has been negligently disregarded by the property owner, then you may be able to recover financial compensation for what happened to you.    

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The Difficulty for Tennessee Victims of Unsafe Properties

The rules for premises liability cases in Tennessee can be very complicated, especially for an average person who doesn’t have a background in law. Although the law allows people hurt on unsafe premises to pursue financial compensation from the property owner, it is up to the victims to “prove” their cases in a legal sense. They will ultimately have to show that:

  • They were hurt because of the unsafe condition.
  • The property owner has a legal responsibility to maintain reasonably safe premises.
  • The property owner or employees knew or should have known about the unsafe condition.
  • The property owner or employees failed to address the issue in a timely fashion.

Additionally, victims often need the help of experienced attorneys and expert witnesses to help calculate and prove the true extent of their losses, which might include:

  • Financial losses, such as medical bills and lost wages
  • Future medical needs
  • Loss of the ability to work
  • Changes in the ability to live a “normal” life
  • Pain, suffering, and emotional losses related to the injury

Unfortunately, property owners and their insurance companies often have a lot of experience defending themselves against claims from victims of slips and falls. Most victims of unsafe premises don’t fully understand their rights, how the insurance industry works, or what to expect from the legal process. By working with our experienced slip and fall lawyers who have successfully handled premises liability cases in the past, victims can take steps to truly “even the playing field” between themselves and large companies.

Our Nashville Slip and Fall Lawyers Fight for You After an Injury on Unsafe Premises

At GriffithLaw, we know how difficult it can be for victims to fight for what they deserve after a serious injury caused by someone else’s negligence. As former insurance adjusters, ourselves, we know exactly how these companies take advantage of victims’ inexperience with the law and take steps to minimize victims’ claims. We are now dedicated to helping victims understand and assert their rights, and we aim to make it easy and comfortable for victims to get the legal support they need. If you have questions, or if you’re ready to start investigating your family’s rights today, give GriffithLaw in Franklin a call at 615-807-7900 or fill out our contact form for a prompt response. We are here to fight for you.