tennessee children car accident and injury lawyerHead injuries are a severe risk to children of all ages and can have lifelong consequences that change the course of their lives. In Tennessee, head injuries can occur at various locations and for many reasons. Knowing the common causes of these head injuries can help you protect your child from future harm. It is also important to know what to do if your child is injured—especially if they suffer a traumatic brain injury. Contacting a premises liability lawyer immediately after your child suffers a head injury can ensure your legal rights and possible compensation stay protected.

Common Ways Children Suffer Head Injuries in Tennessee

Children can suffer head injuries in various ways. Head injuries can vary in severity, and many can have serious, life-long consequences. Some of the most common ways a child can suffer a head injury are:

  • Falls. Falls are one of the leading causes of head injuries among children. This includes falling off furniture or other objects, such as playground equipment or stairs. Even something as simple as tripping over a toy can cause a serious concussion or worse.
  • Scooter or skateboard accidents. Scooters and skateboards offer an exciting way for children to get around but can also lead to serious head injuries if not used properly. Helmets should be worn when riding a scooter or skateboard, but unfortunately, many children don’t wear one or don’t put it on properly.
  • Playground injuries. While playgrounds offer hours of fun for kids, they also present dangers that parents must be aware of. Slips and falls are common on slides and monkey bars, which can lead to head injuries if proper caution is not taken. 
  • Car accidents. Car accidents are particularly dangerous for children due to their size and lack of experience with driving laws and rules of the road. Always ensure your child has an age-appropriate car seat and is correctly installed before taking them on any trips in the car.
  • Bicycle accidents. Bikes may seem like an innocent activity, but they still pose risks for head injuries due to their speed and potential hazards like potholes or debris on the road. Wearing a helmet while biking is essential for safety—even on short rides.
  • Sports. Whether it’s football, basketball, soccer, or tennis, contact sports for youth pose risks for head injuries due to collisions with other players or objects on the field or court. Make sure your child is wearing proper protective gear whenever playing any type of sport (including helmets). 
  • Shopping carts or strollers. Children can fall from shopping carts or strollers and suffer severe head injuries like skull fractures. When shopping with young children, be sure to properly secure them in a shopping cart or stroller to prevent them from falling out.

Why to Hire a Lawyer to Help With Your Case

If your child suffers from any head injury in Tennessee—whether it is from a fall at a playground or a bike accident—they may be eligible for compensation if another person or organization was responsible for their injury.

A premises liability lawyer will be able to evaluate your case and determine if there are grounds for legal action against those responsible so that you can get justice and financial compensation for the medical bills incurred during treatment as well as long-term care associated with living with a traumatic brain injury like cognitive impairments or physical disabilities caused by the injury. Children who suffer a head injury can have life-long complications such as difficulty maintaining relationships, poor communication skills, memory issues, and problems with attention.

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