There could be a variety of reasons why a particular client or case is not a good fit for your firm. A client may live outside of your service area, or you are concerned about the financial or time demands the case will put on your practice. Whatever the reason, you still hate the thought of turning a potential client away—and you still want the client to have the quality representation he or she deserves.

Helping You to Help Your Clients

GriffithLaw is honored to accept referrals from attorneys nationwide, offering our skills and resources to benefit both your client and your professional reputation. As a tried and tested personal injury firm, GriffithLaw routinely works with fellow attorneys to provide injury victims with the quality representation they need.

A few reasons attorneys may refer their cases to us:

  • They do not handle personal injury claims.
  • They practice law in a different state or are not admitted to the Tennessee bar.
  • They do not represent clients with the type of injury the victim has suffered.
  • They do not have the staffing or resources to devote to the case.
  • They prefer to collaborate with an injury lawyer to gain more experience in certain types of cases/injuries.
  • Taking the client’s case could cause a conflict of interest.
  • They need a second pair of eyes on a particularly complex case.

Fair Co-Counsel and Referral Fees Policy

GriffithLaw realizes that by the time you contact us with a client referral, you've likely put a great deal of thought and effort into the case in question. Our firm respects that time and contribution. Not only is GriffithLaw happy to pay the applicable attorney referral fees outlined in the Rules of Professional Conduct of the State Bar of Tennessee, but we will also be mindful of any accrued case expenses and existing liens.

Why should you choose GriffithLaw?

  • Trial experience. John Griffith has spent years fighting on behalf of car wreck and personal injury victims in Middle Tennessee and does not hesitate to fight for his clients in court. As a well-respected trial attorney, John Griffith regularly conducts jury focus groups to prepare for court and was honored by the Tennessee Trial Lawyers Association with the Outstanding Trial Lawyer of the Year Award.
  • Insurance adjuster insights. Before forming GriffithLaw, John Griffith worked as an insurance claims adjuster, giving him insider knowledge on the tactics insurers use and how to battle the opposition to get a favorable outcome. 
  • Ability to step in at any time. While we often start working on cases from the beginning, we understand that referrals can happen at any point during the case process. We have the ability to accept cases at any point, from initial consultation to mediation, settlement negotiations, or in later stages of litigation.
  • Professional and financial resources. We have formed close relationships with experts to help prove vital matters in an injury case, and know where to invest our time and money to go toe-to-toe with well-heeled insurance companies.
  • Fair payment of fees. If you decide to refer the case to us (or co-counsel with us), we will work out a shared fee agreement at the beginning of the case, outlining our role and responsibilities.
  • It costs you nothing. Our attorneys do not charge injury victims to learn about their options, and the same goes for our fellow attorneys. If you think your case could be a good fit for us, we can discuss a potential referral at no cost to you.

If you are referring a case to GriffithLaw or seeking a reputable law firm to co-counsel with you, you can count on us to work diligently and secure a fair financial award for the client. Simply fill out the short contact form on this page or give us a call at (615) 807-7900 to learn more about partnering with our firm.

Recent Settlements of Cases Referred by Our Attorney Referral Partners

March 2020:

Client hit head-on by former well known National athlete:  $550,000

Client attacked by a neighbor’s Pit Bull  $230,000

Client rear ended by dump truck  $250,000

Husband and Wife attacked by neighbor dog with multiple bite history:   $187,500

Client rear-ended by teen driver while texting & Driving/Soft Tissue Injuries:   $62,500

Total money sent to our Attorney Referral Partners in March 2020:   $106,666

April 2020:

Client has 2 arm surgeries after another car hits head-on at 50 mph.  $400,000

Franklin driver gets hit on I-840 when car crosses center line/ Knee scope surgery:   $125,000

Franklin woman gets hit by truck at Cool springs mall:  $85,000

Total money sent to our Attorney Referral Partners in APRIL 2020:   $50,833

May 2020:

Nashville client gets hit driving in parking lot  - $483,000    

Total money sent to our Attorney Referral Partners in May 2020 - $45,333

June 2020:

Client hit head on by on-coming car that crossed the center line - $300,000  

DUI Driver hits pedestrian   -  $250,000

Total money sent to our Attorney Referral Partners in June 2020 - $45,833

July 2020:

Defendant went left of center and hit plaintiff head on - $82,000

Total money sent to our Attorney Referral Partners in July 2020 - $6,833

August 2020:

Defendant turned in front of plaintiff’s motorcycle causing significant crash – Confidential Settlement

Total money sent to our Attorney Referral Partners in August 2020   - $35,000.00


Practice Areas

Our firm has helped numerous personal injury victims obtain the financial settlement they need to recover and return to the life they had before their accident. When so much is at stake, only the best representation is acceptable. At GriffithLaw, clients are people, not just case numbers, and we work hard to provide all clients with personal attention. Our firm handles cases in the following practice areas:

If you have a client that could benefit from our experience, or you need an experienced personal injury firm to serve as co-counsel on a case, contact GriffithLaw today.

Learn More About Becoming A Referral Partner With GriffithLaw

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