The GriffithLaw team and a special client Artis"My name is Artis Williams, I served in the military for 32 years and currently retired. I have a wife and I have three kids. The story of my case is I was stationed down here in Nashville doing some recruiting actually packing up and we were moving to a different location and out of the apartments that we lived in the stairs gave way. When they gave away I just totally like collapsed and I had a lot of injuries and it was a really a hard time during that period you know and when I came to John over there and I talked to his staff and everyone was just so warm and so inviting. Wow, I felt like not just I had an attorney but I felt like I had a family. I feel you know honored to speak to anyone about John and the organization here because of my experience that they helped me. The last thing you need is the law firm that's going to treat you like he's just a regular customer you know and we never felt that you know and so anytime I'm in Nashville you know this is a home this is home for me."

Artis Williams from Irvine, CA