You see them every day all over TV.   Law firm ads… Everywhere.    Some are funny.  Some are “serious.”  They all fight for you.

So why should someone hire GriffithLaw? 

Our firm vision is “To provide exceptional customer service to the point it compels our clients to become raving fans of our firm.”   We aim to achieve that with every family we represent.   We want our people to have a “WOW” experience.  Sometimes that is difficult in law practice.  The wheels of justice turn slowly.   There are time frames and delays that are written in stone that we cannot do much about.  However, our aim is to educate our clients extremely well about their case and to minimize delays as much as humanly possible.  Our clients receive updates on how their case is progressing every month or sooner.  We also provide information on what you need to do in order to avoid stepping on “land-mines” that might hurt your case.  We help you in getting the best possible resolution for YOU.  

I love the “Just okay isn’t okay” commercials.   Most people do not do significant research on their lawyer before hiring them, only to find out later their hire is “just okay” or… worse.  It is frustrating for me to watch all of the TV ads and see lawyers I recognize who NEVER try cases (or even live in Tennessee).  Can you imagine going to see a doctor for a possible surgery, and that doctor has not performed any surgery in the last 5-10 years?  Well, that is what most people get when they seek any personal injury lawyer.  And if you get one that does a little divorce, a little criminal work, a little probate, then the chances of getting a subpar lawyer go up significantly.   Here at GriffithLaw, we try injury cases regularly.  And while ethically we can make no guarantees, we also get FANTASTIC record-breaking results regularly.     Because we do stay extremely active in the courtroom, we know the tactics the defense uses, we see the same hired gun go-to doctors they use to get fake opinions, and we make them pay for it.  

Would we love to settle every case?  Yes.  Is getting a fair offer in most cases a reality? No.  The insurance companies control that game.  They hate parting with their money more than a parent hates parting with their child.   I can say that in every case I tried, we would have settled the case had the insurance company made a fair offer and not forced us to trial.  Then, after we beat them,  they turn around and cry that the jury was too liberal, too white, too black, too whatever ….  The fact is, they vastly undervalue cases because they are pompous and arrogant. 

I love being a trial lawyer, and I am proud to be one.  There is not an ounce of me that could ever represent an insurance company. EVER.  If I were forced to become an insurance defense lawyer, I would quit the practice of law.  I just don’t believe in it.  Just this week I am honored to represent a lady who was viciously attacked by dogs owned by a lazy neighbor who refused to fix his fences and let his dogs continue to escape.  Instead of offering to pay any medical bills, the insurance lawyer has chosen a sleazy doctor to give a so-called “independent” opinion that our client’s past sexual abuse history is somehow relevant to her current injuries.  They have done this just to blackmail our client into settling.  Ain’t gonna happen. If there is anything I hate, it is a bully.  I’m looking forward to giving this case to a jury and letting them decide.

Collage of clients who chose GriffithLaw to represent them

We are better because we love our people, and we love what we do.

We are NOT going to let the defense lawyer outwork us, outwit us, or “out love” us.   As corny as it may sound, we are on an undying quest for justice for our worthy and deserving clients.  We are going to continue to battle the insurance giants… their greed will never go away.  And we will continue to win this war, one battle at a time.     


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