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You probably have many questions about what to do after being involved and injured in an auto accident. If you have suffered car accident injuries, you might be concerned that while you’re recovering, you won’t be able to work and take care of the incoming medical bills. And you may be unsure about how to respond to requests for information from the insurance adjuster. Although you may not want to talk with an attorney about your accident right away, you do need to know about your rights and the steps to take after a crash.

This is why personal injury attorney, John Griffith, wrote the book, The 10 Worst Mistakes You Can Make With Your Tennessee Injury Case. When you download your free personal injury case guide, you will get information about the proper actions to take after being involved and injured in any type of motor vehicle accident, as well as the actions you should not take. The book will also provide you with more information, including:

  • Determining the value of a car accident or personal injury case
  • What you should know before talking with an insurance adjuster
  • Top mistakes you want to avoid when handling your claim
  • Common myths about car accidents, personal injury claims and lawyers
  • Time limits the law sets for filing a personal injury lawsuit
  • More tips on what to do after a car accident

“After downloading this book, I immediately understood one BIG mistake I was making on my case.  Thankfully, I was able to correct it before it did any damage.  This book took me step by step in the claims process.  Extremely valuable!” -Keri Sandifer

John Griffith provides you with this and other critical information for people with car wreck injuries in his free book. John’s background as an insurance adjuster before becoming an attorney has given him an inside view on how the insurance industry operates. His background handling more than three thousand car accident and personal injury claims makes him an expert in this area and is why you should read his book.

After reading our Tennessee accident guide, you’ll be equipped with information and knowledge needed to help you deal with insurance adjusters. You will also be able to determine whether or not you need to hire an attorney or can handle your car wreck or personal injury case on your own. If you do want to hire a lawyer to represent you, our book provides information on how you can find the best attorney for your case.

Get this free book to ensure the best outcome for your personal injury claim, and call us with any questions at (615) 807-7900.

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