tennessee motorcycle accident lawyers and personal injury attorneysHead trauma is one of the most common—and most deadly—effects of a motorcycle crash. If you were involved in a bike accident, you should get medical attention immediately—even if you do not think you are seriously injured. Immediate care may be the only way to prevent a traumatic brain injury from resulting in permanent brain damage.

The Many Types of Traumatic Brain Injuries in Bikers

There are many different ways motorcyclists suffer traumatic brain injuries after a collision, and each one will cause unique symptoms for the rider. Minor injuries may result in blurred vision or severe headaches, while long-term effects of brain damage can include seizures and permanent behavioral changes.

Motorcycle riders face an especially high risk of:

  • Closed-head injuries. Helmets can protect riders from fatal blows to the head, but they may not be able to completely shield them from crash injuries. A helmeted rider could still suffer brain injuries if the skull remains intact, including bleeding and bruising as the brain crashes against the skull. If the brain begins to swell, the rider may need lifesaving surgery to relieve the pressure inside the skull.
  • Skull fractures. A biker without a helmet is much more likely to suffer skull fractures in a crash. Contact with the ground, trees, signs, or another vehicle can cause fractures so severe that riders require surgical removal of the bone fragments.
  • Penetration injuries. A high-speed collision may send debris from the crash through a victim’s eye or pierce the skull, causing a foreign object to become lodged in the brain.
  • Emotional trauma. The pain and intensity of a motorcycle crash can cause victims to suffer mental and emotional difficulties (including post-traumatic stress disorder) for years after the event.

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