child with knee injury getting medical bandage Many children suffer cuts or scrapes while they are playing outdoors. While many of these will heal without incident, some cuts will have severe consequences, including infections, blood loss, or extreme pain. Some lacerations can result in nerve damage or scarring, causing lifelong physical and emotional trauma to the child. When this happens, parents should seek the advice of an experienced premises liability attorney to get compensation and justice for their child’s suffering.

Liability for Cuts and Scrapes on Playgrounds

Many different people could be responsible if your child came home from a playground with cuts or bruises. Supervisors at schools and daycare centers have a responsibility to watch children carefully, park owners should install and maintain safe playground equipment, and manufacturers must design play equipment in a way that minimizes injury. As a result, any one (or all) of these parties can be held liable when injuries on playgrounds occur.

There are many different reasons a child could be bleeding from a playground injury, including:

  • Sharp edges. All types of equipment pose a risk of pointed or sharp edges. A plastic structure may bend, crack, or shatter, causing deep lacerations on exposed edges, while thin metal on slides can slice through a child’s arms or legs.
  • Protrusions. Hooks, bolts, screws, and other hardware may cut a child’s finger or cause puncture wounds that result in deep-tissue infections.
  • Trip hazards. A child may suffer facial lacerations after tripping over stumps, holes, or rocks in the play area.
  • Maintenance defects. A wooden structure may buckle or rot over time, exposing nail heads and rebar used in construction.

If your child was injured on a playground in Tennessee, our attorneys can listen to your story and determine who may be held liable. Our lawyers provide injury clients with a free initial consultation and represent their interests on a contingent fee basis, meaning we do not collect anything unless we secure a recovery for you. To learn more about your claim, download a free copy of our book, The 10 Worst Mistakes You Can Make With Your Tennessee Injury Case.