insurance adjuster inspecting car accident damage Just like any other business, insurance companies are out to make money; pure and simple. They may claim to have your best interests at heart, but your welfare is a distant second to profit. As a result, dealing with insurance companies after an accident can be almost as devastating as the accident itself. Whether or not you’ve had to deal with insurance companies in the past, nothing prepares you for the underhanded and conniving tricks adjusters use to save their company money. However, by knowing the tricks and how to handle their tactics, you can fight them on their own turf to secure a reasonable settlement.

Preparing Yourself for the Insurance Game

Although compensation for your pain and suffering is not a game, insurance companies still play to win. Therefore, as with any other game, the key to victory is knowing how to play. The following rules will help you be strong, unwavering, and aggressive during settlement negotiations.

  • Come prepared. Before beginning a negotiation, make sure you know what you want, what your options are, and what you should expect. By having the knowledge of how the proceedings work, the adjuster can’t rely on taking advantage of your ignorance. An experienced attorney can help you gather all the information you may need to ensure you’re prepared.
  • Bring documentation. When negotiating a settlement, make sure you have all documentation of the accident available. In addition to providing evidence, you can use your reports and witness statements to answer questions the adjuster may have regarding liability and injury severity. We recommend keeping a journal of all the details of your injuries and case.
  • Bring your manners. You need the adjuster to take you seriously and treat you with respect. That being said, you need to treat him with respect as well. Although he isn’t your buddy, and the negotiations should remain formal, you should try to be friendly and nonjudgmental. Otherwise, he won’t be compelled to listen to reason.
  • Bring honesty. Rather than demanding a settlement because you want money, explain to the adjuster how the accident personally affected your life. Include memories of the accident, the pain you felt, the terror you endured, and the worry about your future. By explaining your personal feelings, the adjuster may empathize and be willing to increase his offer.
  • Bring the experience of John Griffith. Insurance companies will try their best to convince you that you’re to blame for your injuries. One common tactic is to make you doubt your actions leading up to the accident. Once they place the seed of doubt in your head, they’ll nurture it until you feel guilty enough, or frustrated enough, to settle on a small amount. However, accident attorney John L. Griffith has inside knowledge and experience, having previously been an insurance adjuster, to help you avoid the blame game and stick with your agenda. Fill out our convenient contact form to schedule your FREE consultation.

You can be reassured that the insurance company won’t wait to question your claim, so why are you waiting to call? Now is the time to ensure a brighter future.


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