Our client Julianne

"As I stopped for a red light, a lady fell asleep at the wheel and hit me from behind. She then got confused, pressed the gas pedal instead of the brake and rammed me a second time. Among many other issues, I suffered a painful concussion causing excruciating light and sound sensitivity. I couldn't work for months.

I eventually hired an attorney. I was not happy with what seemed like a lack of concern for my well-being. After several months, I knew if I didn't find a new attorney, I would deeply regret the final outcome of case. So, I literally prayed to God for "an excellent personal injury attorney." And when I searched my computer, John Griffith's video stood out. 

The moment I met John, it was evident that he was extremely sharp, knew the law, no bull, down-to-earth and showed sincere empathy for my situation.

It was a great pleasure working with Josh Cantrell, case manager. He was consistently kind, courteous, professional and on top of my case. My file was thick and I had a ton of medical bills. Although it's never a guarantee how much medical bills can be reduced, Josh did a remarkable job reducing bills.

Sydney, their receptionist, is a smart cookie and a real sweetheart. 

I highly recommend Griffith Law. I promise you will find an amazing group of people who genuinely care, have integrity, possess a valuable knowledge of the law and will fight for you!"

Julianne H. from Spring Hill, TN