airline maintenance worker inspecting airplaneCommercial airlines depend on their mechanics to keep their aircraft safe. Mechanics and maintenance crew may be liable for problems with the engine and landing gear, but they could also be liable for injuries caused by broken seats and faulty overhead bins. If a plane does not have regular and adequate maintenance, passengers may suffer lifelong or even fatal injuries.

Mechanics Have a Duty to Prevent Airplane Accidents and Injuries

Airplane mechanics do not have typical 9-to-5 jobs. If they attempt to cut corners or rush through a job, they could be putting hundreds of lives at risk. If they do not complete every job in a professional manner, they may be held liable for a passenger’s suffering. An experienced aviation accident attorney can determine who was to blame for your injury by:

  • Gathering evidence. There are strict rules and requirements for maintenance on commercial aircraft, and airlines must keep accurate records of all repairs. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations require the retention and storage of these records and specifically prohibit lax record-keeping practices.
  • Questioning professional qualifications. Airplane mechanics must be trained and capable of repairing current problems as well as predicting future failures. We can investigate whether the crew involved in your injury had the proper training and valid professional certification to perform this highly skilled work.
  • Addressing comparative fault. Many maintenance-related injuries involve the negligence of multiple parties. For instance, a faulty airplane component causes a minor malfunction, but a maintenance crew attempts to make a repair rather than replacing the component. In this case, both the maintenance crew and the manufacturer could be held liable for injuries caused by the malfunction.

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