hand holding flight data recorder at airportOne of the reasons commercial flights are the safest forms of travel is because the airline industry is heavily regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The FAA sets forth various safety requirements that commercial carriers and pilots must follow in order to operate in the United States—and countless passengers may be injured or killed if even one of these provisions is violated.

FAA Violations That Can Lead to Aviation Injuries

After any plane crash or in-flight incident, it’s critical to determine whether federal regulations were violated. Even if the FAA performs its own investigation, you will need an experienced aviation law attorney to investigate on your behalf.

Aviation accidents can be the result of FAA violations, especially those involving:

  • Pilot errors. Pilots on private planes and commercial aircraft both have a duty to follow all FAA regulations before, during, and after the flight. If a pilot deliberately failed to follow an air traffic controller’s instructions, was under the influence of drugs or alcohol while operating an aircraft, or otherwise placed passengers at risk, he or she could be held personally liable for an accident (and potentially lose his or her pilot’s license).
  • A mechanical problem. The FAA may examine copies of the aircraft’s historical records to determine if the craft was airworthy. If a known issue with the engine, electrical systems, or other components played a role in the accident, the manufacturer of defective aircraft components might share liability with the commercial airline.
  • Airline negligence. Commercial air carriers are required to report any in-flight incidents to the FAA, even if they do not cause injury. Unfortunately, some airlines may engage in unsafe practices or policies, such as failing to report known mistakes, attempting to cover up an incident, or implementing cost-cutting measures that compromise safety.

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