Soft Tissue Injuries Minor Impact Soft Tissue (MIST) Claim

We obtained a jury verdict against Cintas Corporation when its employee negligently struck the rear of our client’s automobile. Cintas denied being at fault and offered $7,500 prior to trial. This offer was rejected. Two days later, a conservative Sumner County jury found Cintas liable and provided a verdict for $94,637.29. Cintas appealed the verdict, claiming that our client got too much money at trial for her whiplash injuries. The Tennessee Court of Appeals disagreed, and upheld the verdict.

(Robin Rippy, et vir., vs. Cintas Corporation, et al. M2010-00034-COA-R3-CV)[Many insurance companies refer to a claim involving minimal property damage with a “whiplash” injury as a “Minor Impact Soft Tissue” MIST claim]