I recently chaired a great seminar in Franklin with about 100 of my good trial lawyer friends and colleagues. After dealing with the crazy and ever-changing Covid-19 guidelines, it was good to see people together again.

During a break, I took just a minute to stop, look and absorb the moment. We had over 100 people in that conference room and it was a beautiful sight. It was great seeing the buzz of all the people- the hugs, the handshakes, and everyone talking face to face. It seems to me there is a hunger for humanity and human interaction.

I was able to share some of the tips (and mistakes) I made in my trials last year, Brandi Miller, Mischelle Santiago, Jayse Sanders, and Ashley Barnes. All of those friends/clients, obtained justice. They can put their story to rest knowing the insurance companies did not get the final word. To my lawyer colleagues... I bared my soul. I shared that even with my experience, there are times you are scared to death, sick at your stomach, feel like you just made the worst mistake that hurt your client. In the end, it came out very well. Your plans will always change and be challenged. Persistence and careful planning pay off.

I especially wanted to motivate the young lawyers who have never tried a case to have the courage to do battle and get better. There is nothing quite like the experience of an insurance company telling you "No!" for 2 years or more, and the jury telling them with one voice, "YES!" And to imagine this plays out in courtrooms built for justice, just as our forebears designed it to be. The jury system, while not perfect, is the best equalizer for humanity in all the world. The 7th Amendment is a beautiful thing.

I am looking forward to our next trials this spring. We are busy getting geared up and ready to go. Stay tuned!

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