Imagine if you and your family are driving home from the movies together and suddenly you see headlights coming straight at you. You have no time to swerve. You hear a scream from your wife just before….. IMPACT! Man thanking God

You have been struck by someone who had a heart attack or a seizure for the first time while driving. No matter how badly you and your family are hurt, the insurance company will try to get out of it. How? By putting the blame on God. They will take no responsibility for their insured and will instead blame the Big Guy upstairs as the scapegoat. You may have trouble getting your own uninsured motorist coverage to cover you as they may not consider God as an uninsured driver. These kinds of catastrophes can wipe out your family.

praiseIn the case of Jerome Beasley v. Aaron’s Limousine Service, a driver by the name of Ronnie Brock had a toothache. He went to the dentist for treatment after taking a Tylenol #3 with codeine. Later in the afternoon, he went by the dentist’s office and received two or three shots of Novocaine for pain and a prescription for Lortab, as well as penicillin. Later that evening, Mr. Brock, while driving a limousine for his employer, he had a Limo full of clients enjoying a night out on the town responsibly. While driving, Mr. Brock felt “a funny feeling like a cold sweat.” He then lost consciousness while driving and wrecked the limo severely injuring the passengers inside. The Limo’s insurance company refused to pay the claims for the passengers and blamed God.

Ultimately, there was no proof that Mr. Brock, the limo driver, could have foreseen this act of God that caused him to have a seizure. This is amazing to me, considering he had 3 shots of Novocaine and Tylenol #3 in his system and had an infected tooth, and a prescription for Lortab, which was allegedly not yet filled.

The passengers LOST their case and received no help for huge amounts of medical expenses. You need to beware that insurance companies will cover acts of the devil but not acts of God. You need to know how to protect yourself in cases like this.

directionIf you don’t believe the right lawyer can make a difference for you, take a look at this case. Proving your case is our job. Research your lawyer. Do your homework before you select your advocate to help you in your case. Find a lawyer who has a winning track record in court. There are those lawyers out there who advertise themselves as “personal injury litigators” who will “fight for you” but who will not go to court and then scare you into taking a quick easy settlement. 98% of our cases settle, but the truth is, some cases just need to be tried. Going to court is the only way to keep the insurance companies honest after their low ball offers. I will always do what we believe is in YOUR best interest, and be honest in my assessment (even if it is what you may not want to hear!)

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