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Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are tragically common. Each year, an estimated 230,000 Americans are hospitalized for brain-related injuries, many of which are caused by avoidable accidents such as car and truck crashes. If you are a Tennessee personal injury attorney who doesn’t have a lot of experience with severe TBIs, you should consider referring your client to our brain injury legal team.

Why Your Client Needs a Brain Injury Lawyer

You may have years of experience in personal injury law and a record of winning substantial settlements for your clients, but if you have not handled many accidents involving severe brain injuries, you might not be prepared to get your client the compensation they deserve. Brain injuries can have repercussions for many years to come, so it is vital that the attorney representing a client with a severe TBI be well-versed in the challenges they will face in the future.

What to Look for in a Tennessee Brain Injury Lawyer

Brain injury claims are complicated and high-stakes affairs. Before you refer your case to another attorney, you will want to know that they have the skill and experience needed to help your client. When assessing a potential attorney, you should consider their:

  • Experience. Every personal injury attorney thinks they know the best way to advocate their clients’ best interests. However, your client needs a lawyer who has prior experience negotiating brain injury claims.
  • Compassion. When the attorney has a deep-seated appreciation for the struggles brain injury victims face, they will do everything in their power to fight for a fair and equitable settlement.
  • Ability to win at trial. Depending on the circumstances of the brain injury accident, your client might be able to secure a settlement without taking the case to court. However, wrongdoers are not always willing to take responsibility for their negligence. Your client needs an attorney who has shown, time and time again, that they could convince an insurance company, a judge, or a jury that their client deserves compensation.
  • Honesty. Some lawyers promise fast settlements and big results. While a big award could help ease your client’s pain and suffering, they need an attorney who will temper their expectations with honesty. Your client’s advocate should be someone who is willing to tell them what they need to hear—not what they want to hear.

We Welcome Brain Injury Referrals

GriffithLaw accepts referrals from attorneys nationwide. We often receive brain injury cases because:

  • We have years of experience representing brain injury victims.
  • We have attorneys who worked in the insurance industry and are intimately familiar with the tactics adjusters use to devalue brain injury claims.
  • We have a dedicated legal team with the resources needed to give clients the high-quality representation they deserve.
  • We maintain close and regular connections with local brain injury experts who can help assess the type and extent of care brain injury patients deserve.
  • We do not charge brain injury victims anything to learn about their potential legal strategies and offer the same courtesy to referring law firms.

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If you have a client who has suffered a traumatic brain injury, they deserve an attorney who knows how to stand up for their rights. GriffithLaw’s award-winning team uses cutting-edge and time-tested legal strategies to ensure that our clients are afforded the best available representation. We have years of practical trial experience and constantly ensure that our attorneys are prepared for the challenges of courtroom litigation by hosting regular jury focus groups.

Brain injuries can irrevocably alter an individual’s life, limiting their opportunities and unfairly restricting their families’ finances. GriffithLaw believes that nobody should have to bear the burden of another person’s negligence. We have helped countless clients across Tennessee, and we could help your client, too. Please send us a message online or call us at 615-807-7900 today.