John obtained a jury verdict for Mr. Wallace Ardry who required neck surgery after being hit head-on by a Home Depot truck driver near Pulaski, Tennessee. The defense claimed all of the injuries were related to degenerative disc disease and not caused by this head-on collision. Wallace lost a great job as an electrician, which he loved, due to his injuries. At the time of trial, Wallace was working two jobs, but making significantly less money than before the accident. Prior to trial, the defense offered $200,000 to settle the case, and we had offered $300,000 to settle.  We rejected their offer and proceeded to trial. Although many efforts were extended to negotiate a settlement, the defense attorney suggested that the jury award no more than $50,000 at trial. The Jury returned a verdict of $809,241 which Home Depot appealed, claiming the plaintiffs got too much money from the jury.  Home Depot lost that appeal and, with interest added and costs, had to pay over $900,000.   (Wallace & Leila Ardry vs. The Home Depot, Giles Co. Circuit Court No. CC11072.)