Our client Sheila and case manager Sydney

"I was sitting at a red light when I along with several others were hit from behind by a drunk driver, and was pushed through the red light. An anonymous previous client slipped me a note and suggested that I try Griffith Law Firm.

Wrecked red Kia with significant damage to the rear

I am so glad that I did because due to the accident, I did not have a car, but that didn't stop Mr. Griffith. He came to my house, sit down and talked to me. Griffith Law Firm went above and beyond the call of duty for me. They were courteous, sweet, loving, dependable, hard working, and always welcoming when I called & came by. Due to the Davidson County court system, my case was drawn out for over a year. Sydney kept in constant contact with me; and updated me constantly about what was going on which is a lot more than I can say about the insurance company or courts.

I can truly say that the all of the employees at Griffith Law Firm know the law which makes them a force to be reckoned with, and definitely they are definitely who you need on your team when it comes to fighting for you. It's not about the money at all with them; they are about making sure that you are taken care of and that the insurance company does exactly what they need to do to cover your health bills as well as property damage.

I am proud to say that Everyone at Griffith treated me like I was part of the family rather than just a client. He and Sydney have checked on me to see if I needed anything and to see how I was doing during this whole process. Sydney is such a sweet person. She has kept in contact with me the whole time, making phone calls, just handling all the business. I don't believe I would have been as calm or able to cope as well if God hadn't had blessed me with such loving people in my corner fighting for me especially Sidney. She is a real jewel. I would recommend Griffith Law Firm to anyone. They work as a team for you!! I can truly say that I am going to miss them. I hope that nothing like this happens again, but if it did, Griffith Law would definitely be the one that I called."

Sheila H. from Madison, TN