Our client Mel

"I had a very strange case.  A van ran into me, inside my motel room, while on vacation.  I had gone with another attorney who was sitting on my case, with all kinds of excuses why they were not doing anything, it was beyond frustrating!  So I was referred to Griffith Law.  I am so glad I went with them!  Johnathan Lawrence and Bethany Robinson were on top of it!  They kept me in the loop as to what was going on with my case.  That may not seem like much but it is big when your worried about hospital bills!  I did have one local biller that really could not wait on my settlement, because they are a small business.  Well Griffith Law cut them a check out of their own account so it would not affect this small business.  I'm one for small businesses-which is another reason I really like this company.  They are small enough to know you-I do mean the entire staff.  But they really have the knowledge and connections of a major office.  Thanks again Griffith Law, Johnathan and Bethany!"

Mel R. from Nashville, TN