Our client Karen and her family who was severely injured in a tractor trailer accident

"I was stopped on the interstate for traffic when the tractor trailer behind me came barreling down the road, not stopping, and hit me at 50 mph. The damage was devastating and I am lucky to be alive. I was taken to the ER and had 5 fractured ribs that would not heal and other internal injuries. My medical bills were well over $100,000 alone. I found John Griffith through a family lawyer friend referral who said he was the man to handle this type of case. John was there all the way for me! He kept in touch with me just to see how I was feeling and made sure there was nothing I needed. I would highly recommend John to anyone who needs an Honest, Professional, Caring attorney. I have complete faith in their professionalism and knowledge of injury law. I cannot say enough good things about how my case was handled. John Griffith is the best attorney by far!"

Karen Embry from Nashville, TN