man using tablet with accessibility for disabilitiesGriffithLaw is committed to providing helpful information and legal services to everyone, including people with disabilities. We strive to make our updates accessible whenever we put new content on our website, send emails, or post on social media.

We know how important it is for our site to be comprehensible to people with visual, hearing, motor, and cognitive disabilities. The majority of our personal injury clients visit our website as the first point of contact, and we will continue to do everything we can to ensure equal access for all visitors.

Accessibility Features Available on Our Website

We have implemented many different accessibility solutions to accommodate people with hearing impairments, low vision, manual dexterity limitations, and other disabilities that could make it more difficult to navigate our site.

Recent updates to our blog posts, offers, testimonials, and videos include:

  • Using larger, legible fonts
  • Using the proper heading tags
  • Keeping a clean layout with adequate text breaks
  • Summarizing videos with subtitles or transcripts
  • Ensuring our PDF files are readily available

We Welcome Your Feedback

Our commitment to accessibility is ongoing, and we realize there will always be something on our site that we could change for the better. If you are having difficulty accessing any part of our website, we encourage you to contact us and let us know how we can make your experience better.

You can reach us by:

  • Email: info [at]
  • Telephone: (615) 807-7900
  • Regular mail: 256 Seaboard Lane, Suite E106, Franklin, TN 37067

We understand how frustrating it can be to visit a website that does not take your needs into account. Rest assured, we will do everything we can to fix the problem and ensure that you and other visitors do not have the same difficulty on our site in the future.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our commitment to our clients and to help us ensure that our website is available to all. As always, we stand ready to assist you in any way we can. Contact GriffithLaw today through our online form or give us a call at (615) 807-7900.