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Our Tennessee Wrongful Death Attorneys Will Strive to Secure Justice for Your Client Referrals

When facing a complex wrongful death case, ensuring your client receives excellent legal representation is paramount. Depending on the situation, it may make sense for you to refer a client with a wrongful death case in Tennessee to a law firm other than your own. When you refer a wrongful death case to the seasoned professionals at GriffithLaw, you can rest assured that your clients are in capable hands.  

GriffithLaw has a proven track record of success in Tennessee wrongful death cases, and attorneys from across the country have trusted our Nashville area firm with client referrals in such matters. We gladly accept attorney referrals and will fight to ensure that your client’s legal rights are protected and help secure the fair compensation they deserve following the wrongful death of a loved one.  

When to Consider Referring a Tennessee Wrongful Death Case to Another Law Firm

Tennessee law outlines the specifics of injury resulting in death in Section 20-5-106. While the main text of this wrongful death law only consists of a few paragraphs, its application in practice is far more complex and nuanced. It’s essential for bereaved families to seek legal counsel from experienced wrongful death attorneys who are knowledgeable in this critical area.

When a loved one passes away as the result of someone else’s negligence, wrongful act, omission, or intentional act, the right to pursue legal action is passed on to the person’s surviving spouse, children, or next of kin. If you have a client with a wrongful death case, there are a number of reasons to consider referring their case to a Tennessee law firm with experience in this type of case, such as GriffithLaw.

For example, you may choose to refer your client to our firm because you don’t practice in Tennessee, you don’t handle wrongful death cases, or you may have a conflict of interest. Or, if your client has a particularly complex case that could benefit from our combined knowledge and experience, you may consider co-counseling your client with our team.

Whatever the reason, not only can it be ethical to refer your case to another attorney who may be a better fit to handle a Tennessee wrongful death lawsuit, but doing so also allows you to keep your promise to your client that you will do everything you can to best serve their interests.

What’s Involved in Referring a Wrongful Death Case to GriffithLaw

We understand that when you refer your client to another attorney, you put your reputation on the line. We get that it can be tough to entrust a different legal team with your client’s best interests, and we appreciate your concerns about possible liability should something go awry. When you refer a client’s wrongful death case to GriffithLaw, you can rest easy knowing that we have years of experience handling complex wrongful death cases, as well as robust professional liability insurance to mitigate potential risks.

At GriffithLaw, we will always treat your clients with respect and compassion, doing everything we can to protect their legal rights and help them secure the justice they seek. Our well-vetted and tested personal injury law firm routinely works with fellow attorneys to deliver strong legal representation to victims and their families. We can step in at any point in the legal process to help hold negligent parties responsible for their wrongful actions.

GriffithLaw crafts a strategic approach tailored to the individual circumstances of every case. This involves thorough investigations to unearth crucial evidence and build a compelling argument. We communicate closely with clients and our referring partners, offering empathetic guidance as we negotiate with insurance companies for maximum settlements or fight in court for fair verdicts. 

What We Could Recover for Your Client

No amount of money can ever truly compensate a family for the loss of a loved one, but a fair settlement from a wrongful death case can relieve some of the financial burden associated with such a terrible loss. Receiving a fair settlement or verdict can also help provide closure and a sense of justice to grieving family members.

Damages that may be recovered from a Tennessee wrongful death claim include:

  • Medical expenses related to the fatal injury or incident
  • Lost wages between the time of the injury or incident and death
  • Loss of future income and benefits the deceased would have earned in their lifetime had they survived
  • Costs related to the funeral and burial
  • Loss of consortium and companionship

How to Refer a Wrongful Death Case to GriffithLaw

Here at GriffithLaw, we want to make the referral process as simple and beneficial as possible for all parties. As the referring attorney, you can be as involved in the case as you would like. If you would like to hand over the case completely, your active participation is not needed to earn a referral fee. If you would like to collaborate more fully on the case, we are open to that as well.

When we receive an attorney referral, we will enter into a written shared fee agreement with your firm that outlines each party’s roles and responsibilities. We can notify you of client meetings and hearings, which you are welcome to attend but are not obligated to do so. Once the case concludes, we will issue the referral fee payment to your firm’s office.

Just as we offer our clients free initial consultations, we are equally open to speaking with you about a possible referral at no cost or obligation. To refer a Tennessee wrongful death case to GriffithLaw, simply give us a call at (615) 823-8233. You can also fill out the short form on our referral program page. We’ll be in touch to discuss partnering with our firm and how we may be able to help you better serve your client’s needs concerning a wrongful death case in Tennessee.