Defective ProductWhen you purchase a product, you do so with the understanding that it will be safe to use. It is your basic right as a consumer. If the product fails and you or a loved one are injured as a result, a product liability lawyer at GriffithLaw can help you understand your rights. If we can prove negligence on the part of the product manufacturer or seller, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

Understanding Product Liability Laws

Your injury may be covered under one of three types of product liability law. The first is negligence. This describes a manufacturer who fails to assemble a product as carefully as another manufacturer would. It can also cover store owners who display products in a way that leads to injury. Product manufacturers are expected to take reasonable care to ensure that the items produced are safe for anyone to use.

Your case may be covered by strict liability laws if our attorneys can prove that the people responsible for making or selling it acted in a grossly negligent manner. You may have a breach of warranty case if you were injured because the product failed to do what it advertised. 

There are also three different ways that anyone in the manufacturing supply chain can be held liable for your injuries. A design defect refers to any flaw in the original design that caused the product to be unsafe. When there is a manufacturing defect, it means that those responsible for creating the product failed to follow the design plan. A store owner can be held liable for your injuries if there were any defects in marketing.

Types of Defective Products

Many people wrongly assume that defective products are only those items that can be purchased at a store. In many cases, the item in question is larger or more expensive than you can purchase at your typical discount or department store. One example is a personal vehicle. If you are injured in a car accident, the attorneys for both sides will attempt to find out if there was anything wrong in how each car was assembled. While you may receive a settlement from the driver of the other vehicle, his or her insurance company may choose to sue the car manufacturer to recover funds. The same is true if you were injured by your own vehicle.

The attorneys at GriffithLaw also represent people who have been injured by defective medical products. This is a different area of the law than medical malpractice. In these cases, the doctor may have done everything right and you still sustained an injury because the device you used malfunctioned. Dangerous drugs are another sub-section of product liability law.

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