motorcycle next to semi truck on highway seen in rearview mirrorWhile you still have the right to seek damages related to the crash, your claim has some important differences from a typical car accident case. If the truck driver is at fault for the accident, you could have a claim against the trucking company—making the case much more complicated.

Why Motorcycle Riders Need Help From a Truck Wreck Attorney

Trucking companies have experience covering their tracks after an accident. They may deploy a rapid crash response team to make sure any evidence is cleared away from the scene. Your attorney can intervene on your behalf, preserving driver logs, dashcam recordings, and other evidence.

A crash with a commercial truck might also involve:

  • Multiple defendants. The trucking carrier may be at fault, but so could the company that loaded the cargo, the truck manufacturer, or the maintenance company.
  • Commercial insurance limits. The impact from a semi or delivery truck can destroy a motorcycle beyond repair or lead to permanent disability. Commercial insurance limits are much higher than individual policies, so there’s more compensation available for your medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering.
  • State and federal laws. Truck drivers must follow regulations to remain alert behind the wheel, and the trucking company can be cited if drivers don’t comply with federal hours of service laws.
  • A stronger defense team. Commercial defendants have the resources to hire teams of lawyers and insurance adjusters, all working against you. They may offer quick settlements, record your conversations, and do anything they can to pay you as little as possible.

For these reasons, you should be represented by a motorcycle crash attorney who has truck wreck experience—and one who has a record of going to trial to secure compensation for victims.

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