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It can be daunting to refer a client to a fellow attorney. Your reputation is at stake even when everything in the case runs smoothly—but if something goes wrong, your entire law firm could be held accountable.

How Our Law Firm Protects Against Referral Liability

The Tennessee Ethics Rule allows division of a reasonable fee between lawyers of different firms only if the division is in proportion to the services performed by each lawyer, or each lawyer assumes joint responsibility for the representation. Simply put, you may be held jointly and severally liable if you refer a client to an attorney whose conduct falls below the standard of care. This is exactly why you should refer to your case to GriffithLaw, as we:

  • Have a proven track record. Our attorneys excel in all types of injury cases, getting fair payment for clients throughout Tennessee. We are able to devote adequate staff and financial resources to effectively handle every case we take.
  • Have professional liability insurance. While we stand behind our services, we also have a strong professional liability insurance policy in the unlikely event that any of our clients assert a claim. As some lawyers fail to purchase professional liability insurance (or do not have sufficient insurance to protect themselves from loss), you can rest easy knowing that your role and risk in these actions are mitigated.
  • Stay in constant contact with you. John Griffith believes in every case that comes through the door, regardless of where the client came from. Not only will we tell you upfront whether the case is a good fit for us, but we will also keep you updated throughout the claim to ensure that your client’s wishes are respected and their concerns are addressed.

No matter what point your personal injury case has reached, GriffithLaw will accept any referral that we feel will benefit our peers and their clients. Simply fill out the short contact form on this page or give us a call at (615) 807-7900 to learn more about partnering with our firm.