dog bite on the jobIf you were attacked by a dog while at work, you have a few options for getting payment for your medical treatment, lost wages, and potential disability. The first is to make a workers’ compensation claim, and the second is to file an injury lawsuit against a negligent property owner.

Employees at Risk of Dog Bites on the Job

In most cases, a bite that occurs while an employee is in the scope of employment is going to be a workers’ compensation case. However, there are limits to the amount of compensation provided under workers’ comp benefits, so it’s worth asking your Tennessee dog bite attorney if a claim could be made against the negligent party’s homeowners’ insurance.

Many different employees could file claims after a dog bite on the job, including:

  • Delivery drivers. UPS, FedEx, Amazon, and people bringing food orders to an owner’s front door are at constant risk of being bitten by dogs who are protecting their territory.
  • Contract workers. Lawn care services, maintenance workers, gardeners, pool cleaning and repair technicians, roofers, masons, movers, plumbers, and anyone else who has been paid to do work on a client’s property may have a claim against the homeowner.
  • Caregivers. Nurses, childcare workers, therapists, and visiting healthcare providers may need access to the inside of the home to perform their work, causing anxiety for pets who may respond as if their owners are being attacked.
  • Government employees. Mail carriers, city officials, police officers, and other agents of federal or local government entities visiting a property for business reasons may be covered for a dog bite under a traditional workers’ compensation insurer or a plan administered by the government employer.

A dog bite injury can be traumatic enough without suffering the additional burden of medical bills and time off work. Unfortunately, people who are bitten by a dog in the course of their employment can be especially reluctant to get back on the job, unwilling to risk a recurrence of the attack.

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