Tractor trailer wreck scene

You have probably never wondered about this until it happened to you.  Your life has been rocked due to a big rig not paying attention to the rules of driving, and now you are paying the price and have sacrificed your health for someone else’s negligence.  You are sitting in the hospital, either clinging to life, or holding the hand of your family as they struggle to breathe.  The last thing on your mind at this moment is protecting yourself or your family.   But what is the trucking company doing?  Sending someone to check on you?  Nope.   Seeing if they can make it easier on you by taking care of your out of pocket medical obligations immediately?  Not even close.

Here is what is happening while you are on your way to the hospital:

  1. The tractor trailer driver has immediately contacted dispatch.  He is also taught to not admit fault or say anything to the police admitting fault. 
  2. The dispatcher immediately is calling the company Safety Director.  This is the same guy who deals with all of the other wrecks his company causes.   He has been through this several times and he has specific protocols. Do they call an investigator? Or Someone to help you?  No, they...
  3. Call THEIR lawyer.  And this is before the police arrive at the scene.   No matter the time of day or night, their first call and first line of defense is to call their lawyer.   And not just any lawyer.   This is their go-to guy who is their fixer.   Mr. Trucking Insurance Lawyer knows how to cover their tracks, and prevent all of the negative information from the trucking company getting public.  They corral the driver’s logbooks that might show them over hours.  If their driver is on drugs or has been drinking, they will do all they can to prevent that information from getting to the police. 

In some instances, I am fine with people simply reading my book, The 10 Worst Mistakes You Can Make After Your Tennessee Car Wreck Case, and perhaps waiting to call a lawyer until you attempt to work it out with the insurance company.   However, that whole thinking is thrown out the window and “stinkin’ thinkin” when it comes to tractor trailer wrecks.  You are immediately out-matched and outgunned from the moment that the truck crashed into you.   You need a lawyer IMMEDIATELY.   

Here are some of the things GriffithLaw has been able to prevent due to calls immediately from a hospital or shortly after the crash happened:

  1. We were able to stop a tractor trailer company from removing a crashed truck from their private wreck yard to be sold for scrap when they had denied fault.  We were able to show paint transfer from that truck to our client’s vehicle which refuted every single lie the tractor trailer driver told to the police officer at the scene while my client was being life flighted and could not speak for herself.
  2. We were able to prevent the tractor trailer’s onboard data recorder from being reset by the next startup event which would have erased their speed and braking data that the driver had lied to the police about.
  3. We were able to get on board dash cam evidence which showed the truck driver falling asleep and driving with his eyes closed for 13 seconds before he killed my client’s family member.
  4. We were able to find crucial witnesses to the crash that was not on the police report which the trucking company knew about but did not want to disclose. 

The trucking company is working feverishly this very second on hiding evidence that could have a huge impact on your case.  You need someone on your side who has been down this road many times and knows exactly what to do to protect you and your family. 

Protecting your family…. It is what we do.

If you are in this situation now, give me a call immediately.   The call cost you nothing.  Not calling me could cost you everything.  615.807.7900

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