Arial view of the Las Vegas Strip

We all saw the headlines, and the horrifying videos of the night Stephen Paddock reigned hell upon innocent people on October 1, 2017.  11 minutes later, 58 people were killed.  Over 500 people were injured.  Thousands more will live images of that night, never fully recovering from the loss of life.  

This is what most people know.  What most people don’t know is the lack of security measures that contributed to the events of that day.   Service elevators should not be used by patrons to load large crates not used in the normal course of business for patrons of a hotel.  Hotel employees should not assist hotel patrons to move large oversized crates up to rooms.  A confined facility should have adequate entrances and exits in case there is an emergency. 

GriffithLaw has teamed up with attorneys in Las Vegas who together are holding all wrongdoers accountable for the events of October 1, 2017.  If you know someone who attended this event, even if they were not shot, they likely have a claim against the hotel for negligent security and for all the real and tangible emotional harm that has followed the people that were in the danger zone that evening.

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