The right to privacy is sacred to most of us.  When my daughter goes to cheer camp or cheer practice, I trust that her dressing room will not be invaded by some pervert who is trying to get his kicks by looking at my girl when she is undressed, using the bathroom, and feels secure that she is in a safe place. 

Cheer camps are not cheap.  As a parent of a cheerleader, we spend lots of money to Premiere and other similar groups.  These cheer companies have the responsibility to keep our kids reasonably safe.  They also have the responsibility to hire people that do not have a history of sexual misconduct or of criminal misconduct.  At the very least, the owners of these franchises have the responsibility to conduct criminal background checks on their employees.  This is the bare minimum safety requirement that my daughter, and yours, deserve.  

GriffithLaw is already representing several families who have been affected by their daughters being secretly filmed.   We are investigating whether this is not just a one-off rogue employee, but a complete system failure by Premiere for failing to conduct thorough employee background checks, failing to have any policies and procedures in place to prevent this from happening, not just in Franklin Tennessee, but throughout the entire cheer industry.  

If your family has any questions or information to add to the investigation, we urge you to give us a call to further discuss your options going forward, and to help prevent this from happening to someone else's daughter in the future. 


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