One of the very first questions almost every injury victim asks his lawyer is some variation of “What is my case worth?

It’s perfectly natural to want to know ahead of time what to expect; after all, an injury lawsuit can be grueling, and it helps to know that there will eventually be something to make it worth your while. Unfortunately, the value of a case is not set in stone. A reasonable settlement amount depends on a variety of factors, including:

  • The cause of the accident. The cause of an accident is important in determining who or what was to blame. If road conditions contributed to the crash, for example, your settlement might be lower as no person can be blamed for that. However, if another driver caused the collision because he was drunk, you can expect a maximum settlement since liability can be easily proven.
  • The number of vehicles and persons involved. The total amount of a settlement may depend on the number of liable parties. The settlement amount will be higher if the negligence of multiple parties can be proven to have caused your injuries.
  • The severity of your injuries. The cost of the medical expenses you have incurred (or will incur) and how your injuries will affect your future quality of life will determine the settlement amount. The more severe the injuries, the more compensation will be required.
  • The ability of your attorney. The best way to ensure that you’ll receive a fair settlement is by securing the help of a resourceful and well-educated attorney who knows how to play the game.

Demand the Maximum and Don’t Go it Alone

When pursuing an injury case in Tennessee, it’s essential to start by demanding the maximum settlement. Why? Because, Tennessee law forbids a plaintiff from collecting a higher settlement than what was initially claimed in the lawsuit, even if the jury sees fit to award more for unexpected medical bills or worsening injuries.

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