Quick Settlements

Secret 4: A Quick Settlement Is Not Always The Best Settlement.

Many times we receive calls from injured folks who ask us to tell them the value of their case after a brief discussion of the facts surrounding their claim. Each person’s injuries and the facts of an accident that led to the claim are unique and different. It is impossible for a lawyer to properly evaluate and to state in a single telephone call the “value” of a case. You already know the adjuster is trained to control the direction of the claim. You now know the adjuster is looking for statements from you that can affect your claim. You know the adjuster is working to discover and manipulate the existence of any prior medical conditions. There are still other factors to consider that are equally as important and often times may be more important than the above examples. We highly recommend that you have an answer for all of the questions on the previous page before even moving in the direction of settling. You could be saving yourself from the loss of a great deal of money if these questions are fully addressed.

Know that the medical records that document the severity of the injury will be used as a tool to assist with the determination of the claim’s value.


See Secret 5: Your Medical Treatment Will Be Closely Scrutinized

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